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The Venus Factor Review – Achieve Your Ideal Body Shape

If you are reading this, then you have probably tried all sorts of different diets, exercises, and maybe even supplements in order to lose weight. No matter how much effort you put in, none of these ever seems to get any real long-term results. Why? Because most weight loss programs are one-size-fits-all solutions which don’t address the real issues behind weight. That is why it is so exciting to find a complete system which gets rid of the “miracle” solutions and uses a clear, scientific approach to get real results.

What is The Venus Factor?

The Venus Factor is a 12-week total-body transformation program for women which was created by certified nutritionist John Barban. It has already been used by over 500,000 women around the world and has received great reviews.

Contrary to some of the claims in some other Venus Factor review, the program is not based on new science or any revolutionary approach. This does not, however, mean that the system doesn’t work. The Venus Factor stands out from the many other (useless) weight loss systems because it:

·         Does NOT use fad diets, supplements, or any “miracle” solution

·         Is made specifically for women

·         Is customizable to your unique goals

·         Is an aesthetic program

·         Is about leptin regulation

By aesthetic program, I mean that the goal of The Venus Factor isn’t just to lose weight. Rather, the goal is to reshape your body to get a feminine figure. The methods and exercises presented in the program tell you how to lose weight in the right parts of your body.

The Secret Factor

At the heart of The Venus Factor is the “secret factor.” The secret is leptin, which is a hormone that is responsible for regulating weight. It works in numerous ways in the body, from controlling hunger to fat metabolism.

Scientists have long known about leptin, though the extent of its role in weight loss has only recently become clear. We don’t hear much talk about leptin though, mostly because the so-called “weight loss gurus” would rather sell us useless supplements or diet plans rather than provide us with information which can get results. You can’t sell information on a monthly basis (which is why The Venus Factor is a one-time cost)!

I’m not going to get into the details about leptin, because that is what John Barban does in The Venus Factor program. In a nutshell though, leptin is a hormone which is mainly secreted in fat cells. When it is secreted, it travels to the brain and tells the brain that we’ve got enough fat, so the body shuts off hunger. In this way, leptin decreases hunger.

Leptin has also been shown to increase metabolism (to burn off all that fat). Low levels of leptin cause your body to store fat.


Knowing this, you would think that fat people wouldn’t be so hungry. But, if you eat a lot fatty foods, then your body gets used to leptin. It no longer responds when leptin tries to tell the brain to turn off hunger. So you crave more fatty foods and it takes more of them before you feel full. This is called leptin resistance.

Why the Secret Factor is So Important for Women

The Venus Factor is a body transformation program specifically designed for women. The reason for this is because leptin acts a lot differently in the female body then the male body.

Women have more than twice the amount of leptin as men

Now, this can be a good or a bad thing. It is a bad thing if you develop leptin resistance. Then losing even a single pound will be difficult (which is why women gain weight easier than men). However, with the systems presented in The Venus Factor, women can use leptin to their advantage to lose weight without having to count calories or stick to a rigid diet.

Metabolic Override

In The Venus Factor, John Barban gives women a clear 12-week program for metabolic override. It will allow your body to overcome leptin resistance so you start feeling the effects of leptin again. That means you will stop feeling so hungry, stop having cravings for fatty foods, and your metabolism will be kicked into overdrive.   Depending on how much weight you have to lose, you can drop up to 3 dress sizes in a week.

Here are some of the methods presented in The Venus Factor for overcoming leptin resistance and increasing leptin levels naturally:

·         Foods which damage leptin sensitivity

·         “Secret” foods which increase leptin levels

·         A nutrient which many women are lacking and can speed up metabolism and boost energy levels

·         Why your workouts need to be shorter than a man’s workout in order to optimize leptin

·         Herbs which boost leptin sensitivity

·         Methods for getting fat to melt from your problem areas

·         Exercises for killing cellulite

Weight Loss vs. Total Body Transformation

As mentioned earlier in the review, The Venus Factor is not just a weight loss program. Rather, it is a total body transformation program. By this, I mean that the program is designed to help you get the perfect female form. The program uses something called The Venus Index to determine where you need to lose weight and (in some cases) where you need to gain weight to get that hourglass figure.

The Venus Index

·         Height-to-Waist Ratio: Your ideal waist circumference is 38%of your height.

·         Waist -to-Hip Ratio: Find your ideal waist circumference and then multiply this by 1.42

·         Waist-to-Shoulder Ratio: Take your ideal waist circumference and multiply it by 1.618. This gives you your ideal shoulder circumference.

Personalized Plans Using the Virtual Nutritionist

The Venus Factor comes with software called the Virtual Nutritionist. Using your current body size stats and your ideal body shape from the Venus Index, the Virtual Nutritionist tells you exactly how much food to eat, what to eat, and when to eat it. This personalized approach to body transformation is what makes The Venus Factor different from pretty much every weight loss program out there. It even beats programs like Weight Watchers because it is all about achieving your ideal body shape, and not just weight loss in general.

Another nice thing about using The Venus Index to transform your body is that the program shows you how to lose weight in your problem areas. By doing this, it will make it appear like you’ve lost 20 pounds when you’ve lost 10 pounds.

Be Prepared to Work Out!

Even though nutrition plays a big part in The Venus Factor, it is basically a workout program. To be more specific, it is a progressive strength-gaining workout program. The workout is divided into cycles of 4 weeks each. You are expected to do exercises 3 times per week and they recommend doing some cardio or yoga on your days off.

The exercises are all things that you can do at home without any special equipment, though it is probably worth it to invest in some good free weights instead of using water bottles for your weights. You’ll also want a reclining bench and/or exercise mat for comfort while doing some exercises.

If you don’t do the exercises, then you will still be able to decrease leptin sensitivity and see a metabolism boost just by following the nutrition component. However, don’t expect any miracles! Real weight loss takes some sweating!

The Venus Factor Community

This is one of the best parts of The Venus Factor. When you buy the program, you get access to a virtual community called “Immersion” which consists of other women using the program.  These are some of the nicest ladies you will meet, and they are really great for when you need advice or more motivation. The social aspect of The Venus Factor really sets it apart from other weight loss programs and is part of the reason so many women are able to stick to the program and get the long-term results they need.

Things I Like About The Venus Factor

·         It is a personalized plan based on your ideal body shape

·         It is suitable for women of all ages, physical conditions, and body types

·         It is about aesthetics, not just weight loss in general (some people look worse after losing lots of weight; this won’t happen with The Venus Factor)

·         It has a community for support!

·         It is really well written and clearly explains some complex issues like hormones, leptin, and metabolism

·         It is really flexible – no strict diet plans to follow

·         It gets results in just a few weeks and the results last after the 12-week program is over

·         100% 60-day money back guarantee

Things I Don’t Like About The Venus Factor

·         It is primarily a workout program; you will have to work to get results!

·         If you don’t stick to the workout routine, then it will take longer to get results

·         Very flexible with diet; some people might prefer to have strict rules to follow

·         It is only for women

Note: You might want to use an alternative email when signing up for The Venus Factor, not your main email. The reason for this is because you will probably get sent lots of spam advertisements for supplements and weight loss products. These are absolutely unnecessary and you don’t need to buy them to get results from The Venus Factor! Since The Venus Factor is pretty cheap (especially compared to supplements) and you only buy it once, I guess this is how they make extra money.

Who Is The Venus Factor For?

The Venus Factor is only for women. Any women can use the program and see benefits like weight loss and improved energy. However, the program is especially good for women who have more than 10 lbs to lose, and for mothers. Since the exercises are divided by experience, even people who aren’t in shape can do them safely.

What Is Included

When you buy The Venus Factor, you get:

·         The Main Venus Factor Manual: This is the 12-week fat loss system. It is delivered immediately as a PDF. It includes all the information you need to know, such as which foods to avoid (including some “healthy” foods), leptin-boosting foods, and clear information for weight loss.

·         The Workout Manual PDF and Videos: The PDF has a blueprint showing which exercises to do and when. There are 130 videos showing you exactly how to do the exercises.

·         The Virtual Nutritionist Software: This helps you calculate your “Venus Index” and then lays out a nutrition plan for you to follow to achieve your ideal body shape.

·         The Venus Factor Immersion Community: This is where you can communicate with other women doing The Venus Factor, get support, ask for advice, and get motivation.

The Bottom Line?

The Venus Factor requires a lot of hard work. However, if you stick the program, you will see results. What really makes this program different is that it gets you targeted results so you achieve your ideal body shape. Because of how successful the program is and how many good reviews it has received, we can feel confident recommending The Venus Factor to all women. It comes with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose (but a lot of weight!) by trying The Venus Factor.

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